About Us

Taana Vaana means “warp & weft” – an ancient and hugely popular method of weaving. It involves a set of threads (the weft) introduced at right angles to the warp threads and then passing it in a determinate order over and under them. This cloth can be plain (in one colour or a simple pattern), or it can be woven in decorative or artistic designs, including tapestries. Each product from Taana Vaana is painstakingly handmade by leprosy patients of Shram Mandir Trust, Vadodara, without the use of a single unit of electricity. The result of their efforts is seen in the long lasting and durable quality of these products.

Taana Vaana Fabrics  is formed with the objective of selling handwoven items exclusively made by these leprosy affected people and thus giving them a ready market. Our main intention is to help Shram Mandir as a charity organisation by providing  quality handmade items to our customers. Each product is designed by us and then produced at Shram Mandir. By choosing a Taana Vaana product our customers would not only get a good quality handwoven product at a reasonable rate but also a sense of personal satisfaction by contributing towards the upliftment of the needy. This is because most of the profits of Taana Vaana fabrics goes towards these leprosy patients.

For more information about Shram Mandir Trust and the activities they do for leprosy affected patients kindly click here